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Alumni publications & Productions

Our students and graduates publish regularly in places like Brick, Canadian Notes and Queries, Conjunctions, Descant, Event, Fiddlehead, Grain, Hazlitt, Kenyon Review, Maisonneuve, Matrix, Malahat Review, New Quarterly, Room, Taddle Creek, This Magazine, and the Walrus. They have been featured in Best Canadian Short Stories, The Journey Prize Anthology, Best Canadian Poetry and Best Canadian Essays, and have been recognized as finalists or winners of Governor General’s Literary Awards, Trillium Book Awards, the Giller Prize, the Griffen Poetry Prize, the Sami Rohr Prize for Jewish Literature, the Dylan Thomas International Prize, the Danuta Gleed Award, the Dayne Ogilvie Prize, the Bronwen Wallace Award, the FG Bressani Prize, the Gerald Lampert Memorial Award, LAMBDA Literary Awards, CBC Literary Awards, and the Siminovitch Prize in Theatre. 

Our playwriting graduates have also produced work in national and international festivals, and theatres across Canada. Many alumni are interdisciplinary creators, and we count outstanding spoken word and performance artists, opera librettists, and filmmakers among our grads. The list of major book publications and selected theatre credits below reveals only a fraction of our graduates’ literary and creative output. For more information, links to graduates' websites are provided where available.

2006 Cohort

Motion (Wendy Brathwaite)

selected projects: 'Oraltorio: a Theatrical MixTape' (theatre/performance: Theatre Centre, 2016); ‘Aneemah’s Spot’ (theatre: SummerWorks, 2012); 40 Days (poetry: Women’s Press, 2008); Motion in Poetry (poetry: Women’s Press, 2002)

David James Brock

Ten Headed Alien (poetry: Wolsak & Wynn, 2018); Everyone is CO2 (poetry: Wolsak & Wynn, 2014); selected libretto: ‘Breath Cycle,’ (Scottish Opera, 2014); ’The Sloans Project,’ (Edinburgh Fringe, 2013); ’Sewing the Earthworm,’ (Canadian Art Song Project, 2011)

Jaime Forsythe

Sympathy Loophole (poetry: Mansfield Press, 2012); Transits: stories from in-between (stories: Invisible Publishing, 2007 [editor])

Nila Gupta

The Sherpa: and other fictions (stories: Sumach Press, 2008)

Sheniz Janmohamed

Firesmoke (poetry: TSAR, 2014); Bleeding Light (poetry: TSAR, 2010) 

Jeff Latosik 

Dreampad (poetry: M&S, 2018); Safely Home Pacific Western (poetry: Goose Lane, 2015); Tiny, Frantic, Stronger (poetry: Insomniac Press, 2010)

Melanie Mah

The Sweetest One (novel: Cormorant, 2016)

Jacob McArthur Mooney

Don't Be Interesting (poetry: McClelland & Stewart, 2016); Folk (poetry: McClelland & Stewart, 2011); The New Layman’s Almanac (poetry: McClelland & Stewart, 2008)

Sandy Pool

Undark: an oratorio (poetry: Nightwood Editions, 2012); Exploding into Night (poetry: Guernica, 2009)

Alexis Von Konigslow

The Capacity for Infinite Happiness (novel: Wolsak & Wynn, 2015)

2007 cohort

Elisabeth De Mariaffi

Hysteria (novel: HarperCollins, 2018); The Devil You Know (novel: HarperCollins, 2015); How To Get Along With Women (stories: Invisible Publishing, 2012)

Leah Jane Esau

selected theatre: ’Waterfront: the Blessing’ (SummerWorks, 2011); ‘Shed’ (SummerWorks, 2010)

Andrew Faulkner

Need Machine (poetry: Coach House, 2013)

Aisha Sasha John

I need to live (poetry: M&S, 2017); Thou (poetry: BookThug, 2014); The Shining Material (poetry: BookThug, 2011)

Melanie Mah

The Sweetest One (novel: Cormorant Books, 2015)

Leigh Nash

Goodbye, Ukulele (poetry: Mansfield Press, 2010)

Soraya Peerbaye

Tell: poems for a girlhood (poetry: Pedlar Press, 2015); Poems for the Advisory Committee on Antarctic Names (poetry: Goose Lane, 2009)

Zoe Whittall

selected books: The Best Kind of People (novel: Anansi, 2016); Holding Still For As Long As Possible (novel: Anansi, 2009); Precordial Thump (poetry: Exile Editions); Bottle Rocket Hearts (novel: Cormorant Books, 2007); The Emily Valentine Poems (poetry: Snare, 2006)

2008 cohort

Cassie Beecham

The Modern World (stories: Oberon, 2012)

Lauren Carter

Swarm (novel: Brindle & Glass, 2013); Lichen Bright (poetry: Your Scrivener Press, 2005)

Nancy Jo Cullen

Canary (stories: Bibioasis, 2013); Untitled Child (poetry: Frontenac House, 2009); Pearl (poetry: Frontenac House, 2006); Science Fiction Saint (poetry: Frontenac House, 2002)

Laurie D. Graham

Settler Education (poetry: McClelland & Stewart, 2016); Rove (poetry: Hagios Press, 2013)

Kristen Gundlack-Levinson

Inheritance (novella: Quattro Books, 2013)

Stacey Madden

Poison Shy (novel: ECW Press, 2012)

Melissa Major

selected theatre: ‘A Double Edged Word,’ (Asphalt Jungle Shorts/Magnetic North, 2010); ’Sapphire Butterfly Blue,’ Women Playwrights International Conference [India], 2009); ‘Even Burning,’ Stagecrafters New Works Festival [Michigan], 2008)

Agnieszka Makisimowska

Giant (novel: Pedlar Press, 2012)

David (D.D.) Miller

Eight Wheeled Freedom (nonfiction: Wolsak & Wynn, 2016); David Foster Wallace Ruined My Suicide (stories: Wolsak & Wynn, 2014)

Grace O’Connell

Be Ready for the Lightning (novel: PRH, 2017); Magnified World (novel: Knopf, 2012)

Jael Richardson

The Stone Thrower (children's book: Groundwood, 2016); The Stone Thrower: A Daughter's Lessons, a Father's Life (memoir: Thomas Allen, 2012)

Tanis Rideout

Arguments with the Lake (poetry: Wolsak & Wynn, 2013); Above All Things (novel: McClelland & Stewart, 2012); Delineation (poetry: Imaginary Records, 2005)

2009 cohort

Anna Chatterton

selected theatre: 'Quiver' (Nightwood, 2016); 'Within the Glass' (Tarragon, 2016); 'Gertrude and Alice' (Buddies in Bad Times, 2016); 'Rocking Horse Winner (libretto: Tapestry Opera, 2016); ‘Stitch,’ (libretto: Urbanvessel/Theatre Centre, 2010)

Mathew Henderson

The Lease (poetry: Coach House Books, 2012)

Matt Lennox

Knucklehead (novel: HarperCollins 2015); The Carpenter (novel: HarperCollins, 2012); Men of Salt, Men of Earth (stories: Oberon, 2009)

Shannon Maguire

Myrmurs: An Exploded Sestina (poetry: BookThug, 2015); fur(l) parachute (poetry: BookThug, 2013)

Mark Marczyk

‘Counting Sheep,’ (performance: Edinburgh Fringe, 2016; SummerWorks, 2015)

Sarah Pinder

Common Place (poetry: Coach House, 2017); The Cutting Room (poetry: Coach House, 2012)

Kilby Smith-McGregor

Kids in Triage (poetry: Wolsak & Wynn, 2016)

Ayelet Tsabari

The Best Place On Earth (stories: HarperCollins, 2013)

Paul Vermeersch

selected books: Don’t Let It End Like This Tell Them I Said Something (poetry: ECW Press, 2014); The Invention of the Human Hand (poetry: McClelland & Stewart, 2010); Between the Walls (poetry: McClelland & Stewart, 2005); The Fat Kid (poetry: ECW Press, 2002); Burn (poetry: ECW Press, 2000)

2010 Cohort

Claire Caldwell

Invasive Species (poetry: Wolsak & Wynn, 2014)

Eufemia Fantetti

A Recipe for Disaster & Other Unlikely Tales of Love (stories: Mother Tongue Publishing, 2013)

Kathleen Hepburn

‘Never Steady, Never Still’ (feature film: Experimental Forrest, 2017); ‘Never Steady, Never Still’ (short film: Toronto International Film Festival, 2015)

Nick McArthur

Short Accounts of Tragic Occurrences (stories: DC Books, 2009)

Andrea Thompson

Over Our Heads (novel: Inanna Publications, 2014); Other Tongues: Mixed-Race Women Speak Out (mixed genre: Inanna Publications, 2010 [editor]); Eating the Seed (poetry: Ekstasis Editions, 2000)

2011 Cohort

Robert Chafe

Two Man Tent (stories: Breakwater Books, 2016); selected play publications: ‘Under Wraps,’ (Playwrights Canada Press, 2014); ‘Oil and Water,’ (Playwrights Canada Press, 2012); ‘Afterimage,’ (Playwrights Canada Press, 2010)

Beverley Cooper

selected play publications: ‘The Lonely Diner: Al Capone in Euphemia Township’ (Scirocco Drama, 2012); ‘The Eyes of Heaven’ (Scirocco Drama, 2010); ‘Innocence Lost: A Play about Steven Truscott’ (Scirocco Drama, 2009)

Adam Honsinger

Gracelessland (novel: Enfield & Wizenty, 2015)

Jimmy McInnes

A More Perfect [ (poetry: BookThug, 2015)

Shane Neilson

selected books: On Shaving off His Face (poetry: Porcupine’s Quill, 2015); Will (stories: Enfield & Wizenty, 2013); Gunmetal Blue (memoir: Palimpsest Press, 2011); Meniscus (poetry: Biblioasis, 2011)

Richard Scrimger

selected books: Mystical Rose (novel: Doubleday, 2001); Still Life With Children (memoir: HarperCollins, 1997); Crosstown (novel: Riverbank Press, 1996)

2012 Cohort

Taylor Marie Graham

‘Cottage Radio,’ (theatre: Goderich Livery, 2014); ’The Virgin Charlie,’ (libretto: Tapestry New Opera, 2009)

Liz Howard

Infinite Citizen of the Shaking Tent (poetry: McClelland & Stewart, 2015)

Darren Hynes

Creeps (novel: Razorbill, 2013); Flight (novel: Killick Press, 2010)

David Whitton

The Reverse Cowgirl (stories: Freehand Books, 2011)

2013 Cohort

Mahak Jain

Maya (children's book: Owl Kids, 2016)

Andrew Kaufman

selected books: Born Weird (novel: Random House, 2012); The Tiny Wife (novel: Cormorant, 2014); The Waterproof Bible (novel: Vintage Canada, 2011)

Andrea Perry

Rise (poetry: Vocamus Press, 2016)

2014 Cohort

Elizabeth Ruth

selected books: Matadora (novel: Cormorant, 2013); Smoke (novel: Penguin, 2005); Ten Good Seconds of Silence (novel: Dundurn, 2001); 

Alissa York

selected books: The Naturalist (novel: Random House, 2016); Fauna (novel: Vintage Canada, 2011); Effigy (novel: Vintage Canada, 2007); Mercy (novel: Vintage Canada, 2003)